wordmad (wordmad) wrote,

snow and cats

I haven't posted for a long time. So much going on, I can barely get a moment to answer my e-mail, and I haven't the patience to wait for my Facebook page to download.

You'd think being semi-retired would free up a lot of time, but that's just the problem. I no longer have an excuse to say no to myself about things I've been wanting to do/learn/make/repair but couldn't because of kids, work, etc.

Anyway, today it's snowing blankets, and I've nowhere to go, so I thought I'd tell all you cat lovers out there about our red and white DSH, Shiro. He's a tad overweight, highly loveable and adventurous. When he goes outside, he likes to hold court and/or direct squirrel traffic on a ledge behind our pool. On sunny days, when it gets too hot, he hides in the cover of Mike's riding mower or goes under the pool deck through this little hole in the back.

He's not fond of the cold or wet, but, today, I guess he mistook the blinding white of the storm for sunshine, shook his paws, and went out anyway. The snow was at least six inches, but he plowed on to the shelter of his "cave." This meant digging a hole through a drift by the fence to get to a gap in the mesh screen that he's fashioned for himself over the years.

It's been three hours now, and he hasn't poked his head out yet, so I suppose he's hunting mice and voles in there, maybe a chipmunk or two. We did clear a path for him and will have to redo that soon, as the accumulation is over a foot now. I worry about him, but, as Mike says, he does have those extra inches of pudge to keep him warm.

It's almost like having kids again.
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