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Your rep is toast...

Mwa ha ha ha!

7 June
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Am: old but spry. Have: four kids, three cats, two cars, one husband. Listen to/sing:renaissance music, classical music, opera, rock, gospel, Motown, classical jazz, bluegrass, country/western that doesn't take itself seriously. Watch: Survivor Vanuatu, The Great Race, CSI, Joan of Arcadia. Do: solo singing, group singing, acting, writing fiction and plays, directing plays, making props, wok cooking, chemistry, astronomy, reading, recorder playing. Admire and/or lust after: Nicolas Cage, Kenneth Branagh, Emma Thompson, Gregory Peck, Sarah Michelle Geller, Ray Lewis, Hilary Clinton, George Harrison, Aretha Franklin, the cast of CSI--especially Marg Helgenberger and Gary Dourdan--yum, that short round guy Frank the impressionist on Fox Football. Read: Jane Austen, James Joyce, Tony Hillerman, Elizabeth Peters, J.K.Rowling, Patrick O'Brian. Hate: Kenny-G, most romance novels, CSI Miami--especially that Horatio dude.